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Usagi Kou


Hello there everyone you have entered my journal. My journal is mostly friends only, this means you must request to be added. X_X Although there will be a random public posting once and a while. Despite the massive amounts of internet rumors I strongly detest drama in my journal X_X So if you are the type of person to cause it please move aside and do not even think of adding me. One must comment on my "Friends' Only" page to be added.

I am a cosplayer of many years, I used to be quite obsessed with Sailor Moon at one point. I love manga, anime and Japanese culture in general, on top of many other things as well. I love the ocean, the moon at night, fall weather ;_; ::It's a shame the season is so short:: I have a huge thing for roses, always have for some odd reason, its just a lovely flower. In addition, I enjoy listening to music, drawing, spending time with my friends, going out, dancing, shopping and reading. I also like Lol-ing at the internet with snoozeberries, usakochan, and chiibiusa. <3

You want to get to know me better? 1st step is getting on my friends list :D

Other info
Height:: 5 ft. Yes, I am a shorty. In addition, I do not appreciate any short jokes.
Hair color:: Black, brown, red, who knows.
Eye color:: Grayish blue.
Fav. colors:: White & turquoise.


Main Rules:
*No being an asshole.
*No being a kiss-ass. I'm a normal person just like you. Just because I can do a hairstyle that's insane does not mean I should be idolized *_* Come on. wtf XD
*NO Drama, if you in anyway seem drama-ish I wont even consider adding you. Minor LOL's are ok, common sense people, use it. >_< .

* Being that this journal is a little private these days please feel free to leave a comment over at my cosplay and art journal, endymion, chances are you will be added.


thebigpicture:: OTP! Usagi is most definately the best person in the world to have coffee, cigarettes, and ice cream with. I think I would be lost without this girl. T A M P O N ! ! !

snoozeberries:: Usagi is like the twin to my heart man. We's got so much in common its so scarey. Shes a fun loving hardcore rocking out girl who I love so much. Glad to be one of her best friends -- ;.; YOUR MINA KAYLA LOVES YOU. BUTTSEX!

My cos.com address can be found here:

As well as my myspace page:

The WeatherPixie


Usagi Kou Is Magical Girl Love.

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