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Public cause I'm a baddie!

Why is it that people still try to use my photos and impersonate me? Like really? Pic a person with a clean track record at least!

This German chick was messaging me on the facebox a little while back too. I think she got miffed I didn't want to add her as a friend so she decided to use my photos and pretend to be me I guess? Doesn't make any sense!

Lisa Laurie Hartung May 18 at 4:01pm Report
Hi, how are you? do you speak german?

Me May 18 at 7:45pm
I'm a NYer does it look like a speak german?

Lisa Laurie Hartung May 20 at 8:45am Report
Oh cool, I like NY.
Oh Sorry ähm no notion. It could be. I could no know, because you did not accept the being pleased shank invitation yet.

Me May 20 at 3:29pm
I have no idea what you just said.

Lisa Laurie Hartung May 21 at 7:09am Report
Sorry but my english is not so good.therefore I asked whether you speak can German.Your profile can't look at unfortunately,since you did'nt accept the invitation.
Do you understand that now?

She goes on trying to get friended and not understanding that unless I know you or find you interesting you are not getting on my facebox. O_O Creepy German chick, please leave me alone and stop using my name and my photo k thanks.

EDIT- Yay they deleted her profile.
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Second of all, So she's using your photo as her profile pic also trying to add you as a friend? And is whining that she can't see your profile because you didn't accept her friend invitation? AND has set her url to usagikou? Is that even POSSIBLE?

How much stupidity can one person get away with? Um, how do you report these sorts of things to facebook? I dont even know...
I've been sucked into a more nerdy hobby, my free time goes there. <.<

This girl has sent friend request after friend request for months now and only recently sent me messages and like geeze, you would think she gets the picture!
Shes teh saaaaame girl who is friends with the fake me. D:



I'm so sad we cant just both go out for a coffee and lol about this, miss you! <3

Deleted comment

I don't know but it hurts my brain. D:
I'm so sorry that people are STILL using your pictures. >.<
It never did make sense to me why people would use them, then pretend to be you, but then again after thinking about it... the reason why they may be pretending to be you is because they are unhappy with themselves and are in love with your awesomeness. I just wish people could just be themselves instead of pretending to be someone they are not.

The person you talked about in this entry is beyond stupid. What makes her think you will add her after stealing your pictures? I wish there was a way to get these people permanently banned from websites.

So, how have you been anyway? It's been a while since you updated on here. Are you still playing wow? =)
Did she think I would never check my messages and SEE my own picture as her profile pic? Holly also tells me she has a German site where she used more of my photos and has gotten one of her friends to play Holly. I don't get it, how can your life be so dismal that you have to pretend to be someone else.
I miss these lawls. Although, I am kinda surprised it's still going on. Think of the bright side, you have reach status level in germany.
There haven't even been a lot of lols this past year, shit has been nice and quiet.
Geez, I'm sorry this shit seems to have no end for you. But hey, I guess you can make it positive by saying they must think you're pretty cool to want to *be* you lol Still very immature :/ anyways with this shit aside, I hope you're doing well :]
That's the thing though, they can pic a random pretty girl no one knows and never get caught, doesn't make sense to me.

Yes, I'm good, been severely neglecting the internets. I'll come back around eventually! Hope all is well with you too. :D <3
I'm surprised these shenannegans are still going on. You've been pretty abscent from the 'net for a while now.

I know right! At least this is minor, or at least from what I've seen. I still haven't seen that German site Hollz was talking about though, things might be worse than I though!

....seiya titties....nom nom nom
More proof people love you... too much?
Too much love, don't want no more. :


7 years ago

I guess this never ends with you huh? SHIT SUCKS. I am so sorry you get such terrible impersonators! XD My guess is that they wish they were you, so use your photos to live through you and be you vicariously? OH GOD WHO EVEN KNOWS.

It comes down too. People are stupid. Very stupid. And jealous, it seems. I mean, there is a lot to be jealous of. <3
It blows my mind that people are still running around doing this, I'm old news! They have more than enough females in this hobby to choose from. ;.;

There isn't even much to be jealous about, I'm just your average adorable lookin little female, there are some epic hotties out there! ::wink wink::
<3 :D

Deleted comment

Because this is the internet and some people have nothing better to do. Yes....Maybe I should just feel sorry for the kid, she does live in bummble fuck germany.

CATS. Also, stop playing faggoty ass Alliance. >:\ FOR THE HORDE.

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