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Public cause I'm a baddie!

Why is it that people still try to use my photos and impersonate me? Like really? Pic a person with a clean track record at least!

This German chick was messaging me on the facebox a little while back too. I think she got miffed I didn't want to add her as a friend so she decided to use my photos and pretend to be me I guess? Doesn't make any sense!

Lisa Laurie Hartung May 18 at 4:01pm Report
Hi, how are you? do you speak german?

Me May 18 at 7:45pm
I'm a NYer does it look like a speak german?

Lisa Laurie Hartung May 20 at 8:45am Report
Oh cool, I like NY.
Oh Sorry ähm no notion. It could be. I could no know, because you did not accept the being pleased shank invitation yet.

Me May 20 at 3:29pm
I have no idea what you just said.

Lisa Laurie Hartung May 21 at 7:09am Report
Sorry but my english is not so good.therefore I asked whether you speak can German.Your profile can't look at unfortunately,since you did'nt accept the invitation.
Do you understand that now?

She goes on trying to get friended and not understanding that unless I know you or find you interesting you are not getting on my facebox. O_O Creepy German chick, please leave me alone and stop using my name and my photo k thanks.

EDIT- Yay they deleted her profile.
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