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oh snap son! banned XD

I got banned for posting in the girls account asking her as to why she was running around saying my pics were of her friend/my cousin. *_* so apparently THATS herassment..and what she did wasnt... ::dead:: XD i havent gotten any e-mails from deviant and i dont feel like explaining what happened since the poor ugly kid isnt worth much of my time, but if you guys feel like contributing and complaining feel free :D assstt. Avian..go bitch her out D:

this is the post that started it..

more can be found here

and crissy, since you had some fun e-mails with her you might want to forward them over to devart  XD lets see if they get as many lols as we did.

EDIT- im Irish...why am i not out getting drunk...WHY?! because, i cant even go out on a regular day without men being all "mmmm" -_- so what am i going to do in a bar....on like..the biggest drunken day ever...yeaaaaa. your friends can only block you from ugly eyes for so long X_x. MAMO-FACE! come play so i can get drunk with no worries of wait...POINTLESS! get raped anyways... XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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